Saturday, July 23, 2011

moving onwards

The visit today was exciting!! The changes were immense. We can see the house taking shape and little ideas coming together well. What do you think??? After my melt down it seemed like heaven out there today in the beautiful sunshine, birds singing constantly, and sun drenched verandahs. A gorgeous winter day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Won't let me comment, so a quick post.

The grey clouds have lifted. We pick up our kitchen today

Something similiar to this.

and pick tiles, which I am still a little undecided on. But they need to be ordered today so the decision will come!!

 I'm sure we will survive this process. Hopefully I have sold a painting that I inherited and made some more money available to get us through.

Thanks for listening to the whinge yesterday :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Absolute whinge fest

Well for all the people that ask would we do this again. Today the answer is never.
Sure Matilda makes me sigh, and dream of a big beauftiful finished house. The piece of land is amazing and brings a smile to my face everytime we pull up.

But is it worth the enormous stress on our family, our budget and our time.

At this moment NO.

I know I will be ecstatic when it is finished, but at the moment I am tired. Tired of all the calls from builders, of the extra hidden costs, of the intense amount of detail to pass Council inspections.

I kind of wish we had bought some ugly big house and just lived in it. I know, I know I couldn't do it.        But today I wish that is what we had done.

Sometimes being led by your heart and dreams is far more intense and exhausting than just living a basic life in any old home.

So we have reached the stage where I think 'What are we doing?' Will we ever live in this house? and Will any of it be straightforward?

Can you hear the tension?

Hoping to share some happy blogging with you later in the week, thanks for listening to the whingefest!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Progress and valuation, woo hoo!!

We visited Matilda yesterday for a  sticky beak on the progress.
Some paint preparations have started.
We have chosen our paint colours and have gone with a mid grey and white (except we can't call it white, so off grey) trim. You can see some of the primer on the back wall and under the roof line.
Some more prep work for painting.

Then the framework for our ensuite in the sunroom.

You can't see the view that well, but that is what we will look out on when we shower.

The new framework in the main bathroom and the undersheeting has gone down.

The new sunroom ceiling.

The back where the kitchen will live. The new floor has been laid in bedroom 3, so no giant fall anymore!!

The kitchen framework for the tiling of the splashback.

The best news last night, our valuation came in from the bank and it is what we need and means we come out on top, slightly, with the finished product. Phew, what a relief, our debts can all be re-piad and we haven't overcapitalised, which we were a bit worried about.

So all going well, thankfully.
Water proofing happen this week and walls are completed, septic tank goes in, and solar is installed.
I can't wait to show you in a weeks time what changes Matilda has undergone.

Friday, July 8, 2011

So long between posts

Well it has been awhile between posts. We haven't had much news to share or any changes in the house to post pictures of. In fact we have been madly scrounging money. The bank said with water and power connected the loan would go through, but ooops they didn't ever say that would take 4 weeks. So we have builders working hard who surpirsingly want to be paid, and only a couple of bucks to rub together. An interesting and slightly (very) stressful time.

But the first bills have been paid and we have a short term personal loan to pay most of the others, while the bank pulls out there finger, aarrggghhh banks!!!

So the under-battening has nearly been completed. Our roof has been primed and will be painted a darker grey this week. The house has been rewired and water has been connected. This week the scaffolding goes up and it affect my ability to take any exterior photos.

The next few weeks:
* exterior wall will go up
* interior walls will be relocated
* plumbing will be fitted out
* septic tank will go in
* bathrooms will be water proofed

By then we should be half way through.