Thursday, November 17, 2011

Terrible internet

Hubby and I are soooo in love with our house!!! We wake up to wallabies every morning eating grass, bandicoots, large lace monitor lizards (eating our chicken eggs mind) and an array of beautiful birds.
The house is so comfortable to live in, especially now we have our gorgeous big dining table.
However the internet is dodgy at best and blogging is a wishful art and only works when for some random reason I get full connection speed. So here are some quick pics of where we are at. We still have quite a few smalll jobs to do, and purchases to make. So the couch looks a little bland etc.

But here are our gorgeous white shutters LOVE THESE!!! Our rustic french style dining table and our big comfy couch, which is beginning to be a challenge to lift my large pregnant body off :) Oh and of course the piano from my In-laws house, which is put to good use!