Design that inspire us

Our interior design ideas are inspired from a modern, rustic style. We are hoping to create a comfortbale house with a slight french country feel to it. Most of our pieces will be secondhand and refinish, or left in a shabby style.


 Unlimited money and space would absolutley buy me this kitchen!!

 Gorgeous white floor boards.

 Love the glass cabinet on the opposite wall.

 And finally this is the kitchen we are using as our inspiration to have made. Our local recycled timber yard are going to build us something along this lines. Complete with Butler sink, woo hoo!
We want something we can utilise again, so it will be freestanding, as we may knock through this section of the house in the next 5 years.

 Thsi is the inspiration for my oldest daughters room.
We are planning for the bedrooms to all have the white floorboards.

A lovely light dining room.

Thsi book is my current favourite for inspiration in green sustainable ways to design and decorate (link to another blog)