Friday, August 26, 2011

Can anyone say white???

Feeling very guilty about my booooorrrring posts of late, and unfortunately for you guys this will be no exception. Because if the weather holds we are hosting a 6th birthday party for 40 fairy girls tomorrow at the park and I have some things to do.

Buuuttt I couldn't resist sharing these..................

We have stairs

and many gorgeou white walls, so new looking and stunning, seriously stunning. The ceilings look higher and the arches taller, it is amazing. 138 tubes of stopgap though!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ikea, and small changes

This week brought some small changes on Matilda, but not the dramatic changes we are used too!
It also brought a trip to ikea to search for lighting and bar stools.

So the dining table will be lit with this industrial pendant

To try and get this look in the dining room, but in a harsher way.

As we have gone along selecting I have moved away from the cutesy stuff I thought I adored to a far more rustic industrial style. But I love it!! Hope it all comes together.

Having said that we bought these stools - which are pretty cutesy. But practical for three/four children to sit at safely.

Alright and here are the latest pictures with the underbattening painted and handrails on.

Evie's room

The front door all freshly painted.

The north facing nook with handrails

The underbattening colour.

Hoping we are less than a month from completion!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

painting nearly through

The painting on the exterior is nearly complete. The grey is slightly different to how I thought it would look but happy to have a house that doesn't look as derelict. Love the white beams in the verandah!!
Tiling is nearly complete so I will post some progress shots on Friday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthdays and announcements

This week my terrific two turned 4 years old. I am not good at cake decorating, but Octonauts was the request so my husband and I set to work, and this is the final product. Probably my best cake to date.
This is an 'Octopod' which unless you have a 2-5yr old you would never have heard of :)

and this is Kwasi!! Not too bad huh.

Then this is my excuse for not blogging as much as I should be.

Do you watch Grand Designs??

What happens when they build a one bedroom adult masterpiece,

they always fall pregnant?

So what about when you build a 4 bedroom house, with 3 children already??

So we decided to do our final IVF whilst the house was being done. I mean if it is good enough for Grand Designs it must be good enough for us.

And it was!!!

Blogger hates me today and I can't turn the pic to show you bubba number 4 for us!!
The morning sickness, and exhaustion have been horrid. Plus managing all the small aspects of the build.
But we are close, and very happy!!

So building work still to go

*ballustrades on the North corner
* rear and front stairs
* repair kitchen floor (additional cost)
Tiling work starts Monday
Bathroom fit-out next week

and masses of interior painting.

Then work for us is the under floor insulation when they are finished, and shutters on the large front windows, plus window dressings for energy efficiency stars!!

We are hoping to be looking at moving in mid-September, fingers crossed!!

I'll try and get some pictures for you this week.