Our current postwar 'Before and a few afters'

I am a messy clutter bug so excuse the bits of mess hding around, but they will be standard in this blog!


Quite modern but our little wooden table softens the look. Our next kitchen will be quite different!

And bathroom:

I obviously need some practice photographing houses. I usually just take pics of my littlies.

Oh and just a pic of the girls room currently, they love it!

That's all folks.............

Unfortunately we don't have tons of pics and they were taken in great haste, so not the best.
But this will give you an idea of the state of the property. Mouldy black patched carpet, and 6 adults living in the tiny 3 bedroom house.
This kitchen has been replaced.

That little dog made a huge stink in the house. I feel for the tenant that had this room, no doors or windows closed. Yikes!

Above is the backyard as we inherited it. Great bones, pretty flat lots of grass for the kids and a clothesline that gets heaps of sun.


Then the house as we took up the carpet.

The kids room with polished floorboards.

The backyard re-landscaping.

Currently, we have a new kitchen and bathroom. But I need to take picture for you.

Wow this shows I need to take some better pictures of the new house in tranisitions.