Monday, July 18, 2011

Absolute whinge fest

Well for all the people that ask would we do this again. Today the answer is never.
Sure Matilda makes me sigh, and dream of a big beauftiful finished house. The piece of land is amazing and brings a smile to my face everytime we pull up.

But is it worth the enormous stress on our family, our budget and our time.

At this moment NO.

I know I will be ecstatic when it is finished, but at the moment I am tired. Tired of all the calls from builders, of the extra hidden costs, of the intense amount of detail to pass Council inspections.

I kind of wish we had bought some ugly big house and just lived in it. I know, I know I couldn't do it.        But today I wish that is what we had done.

Sometimes being led by your heart and dreams is far more intense and exhausting than just living a basic life in any old home.

So we have reached the stage where I think 'What are we doing?' Will we ever live in this house? and Will any of it be straightforward?

Can you hear the tension?

Hoping to share some happy blogging with you later in the week, thanks for listening to the whingefest!!!


  1. Hang in there, there are definitely weeks that get you down. Next week some other parts will be completed and you will be all excited again. ;-)

  2. The best things in life are always hard earned and then much appreciated.No big ugly house for me either. When you are kicking back on that deck with scones and tea in a few weeks it will all be a bad dream from the past. When we renovated our last house back in 2002 I vowed never again but now nearly a decade on I'm almost up for it! melxx