Friday, July 8, 2011

So long between posts

Well it has been awhile between posts. We haven't had much news to share or any changes in the house to post pictures of. In fact we have been madly scrounging money. The bank said with water and power connected the loan would go through, but ooops they didn't ever say that would take 4 weeks. So we have builders working hard who surpirsingly want to be paid, and only a couple of bucks to rub together. An interesting and slightly (very) stressful time.

But the first bills have been paid and we have a short term personal loan to pay most of the others, while the bank pulls out there finger, aarrggghhh banks!!!

So the under-battening has nearly been completed. Our roof has been primed and will be painted a darker grey this week. The house has been rewired and water has been connected. This week the scaffolding goes up and it affect my ability to take any exterior photos.

The next few weeks:
* exterior wall will go up
* interior walls will be relocated
* plumbing will be fitted out
* septic tank will go in
* bathrooms will be water proofed

By then we should be half way through.


  1. Sending good vibes your way for a quick and timely remodel.

  2. Love it, keep up the posts! ;-)

  3. Good to hear from you, was worried you were drowning in snot like us. Curse the banks, hope all your stress resolves soon. Matilda is looking good, her battens look fantastic, makes her look much more finished. melx

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