Friday, August 26, 2011

Can anyone say white???

Feeling very guilty about my booooorrrring posts of late, and unfortunately for you guys this will be no exception. Because if the weather holds we are hosting a 6th birthday party for 40 fairy girls tomorrow at the park and I have some things to do.

Buuuttt I couldn't resist sharing these..................

We have stairs

and many gorgeou white walls, so new looking and stunning, seriously stunning. The ceilings look higher and the arches taller, it is amazing. 138 tubes of stopgap though!!!


  1. Oh wow its gorgeous even while its empty!

  2. Wow, can't wait to see it decorated. ;-)

  3. What a lovely fresh white--perfect for Mathilda's new start in life! And I'm always eager to see the latest, never ever bored :)

  4. That Matilda is looking more elegant every time I see her. I love all that white, poor Betsy has white envy over here. Cannot believe you actually used 138 tubes of gapfill- are you serious? That is dedication, we did our last house and are eternally grateful that someone else seems to have done most of Betsy for us already. Cannot wait to see those floors gleaming too, best of luck for the fairy party and hope you plan to share the cake. melx

  5. It's looking absolutely beautiful. The white is brilliant, stunning! All your hard work, time and dollars are doing wonders and I'm sure Matilda is thanking you for it. Hope you're feeling well... gxo

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