Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ikea, and small changes

This week brought some small changes on Matilda, but not the dramatic changes we are used too!
It also brought a trip to ikea to search for lighting and bar stools.

So the dining table will be lit with this industrial pendant

To try and get this look in the dining room, but in a harsher way.

As we have gone along selecting I have moved away from the cutesy stuff I thought I adored to a far more rustic industrial style. But I love it!! Hope it all comes together.

Having said that we bought these stools - which are pretty cutesy. But practical for three/four children to sit at safely.

Alright and here are the latest pictures with the underbattening painted and handrails on.

Evie's room

The front door all freshly painted.

The north facing nook with handrails

The underbattening colour.

Hoping we are less than a month from completion!!!

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  1. Rustic industrial is all the rage at the moment- were you watching The Block? Like your light fittings and your stools, did you enjoy your Ikea foray? The grey looks great, I am considering something similar, I think the light grey and white looks awesome. melx