Friday, September 2, 2011

Design finishing touches

 Well we can see the end in sight. Floors need to be sanded. oven and kitchen sink need to be fitted and we are done. Actually Origin have stuffed us around with the Solar panels so they also need to be installed. So 4 steps.

The biggest hurdle is Council approval, hopefully they aare happy with what we have done and deem it all to satisfy.

So this is Matilda currently

Oh no wait that is where we started.
Here we are now.

So now I can't sleep for design finishing touches ideas, and worry about when we can actually get into this gorgeous house. Hope you like the almost finsihed product!!
Oh and sorry I can't comment, blogger just doesn't like me siging in and commenting but I love reading yours.


  1. Matilda is looking so much better How exciting for you

  2. She is looking gorgeous. Now comes the fun dressing up part. Those floors are going to look glorious and can't wait to see your kitchen. Which grey did you end up using? I am still looking for the right one for Betsy. I had blogger sign in problems that stopped me commenting a while back and fixed it by NOT ticking the " keep me signed in box" when first signing in. That may help. You are doing a brilliant job. melx

  3. I am getting severe verandah envy here! Your house looks such an exciting project... (mine is nothing like a total renovation and its a long way off finished). I've been fascinated with Australia and houses on stilts since my mum's best friend emigrated in the late 60s and sent exotic fold-out postcards - I think I imagined their house-on-stilts was some kind of tree house ;)

  4. Thanks Mel, I'll give it a go. Patita by Dulux is the grey we used and the white is Lexicon Quarter. The grey turns a kinda purpley colour in the late afternoon sun though, but still pretty. The Verandah is a bit I am really excited about too, late dinners, a glass of wine with friends (when I'm no longer carrying this child), painting with the kids and reading a book in the sunshine. Can't wait can you tell???