Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Council inspection

We almost passed our final inspection the only relatively large thing to  fix was the ballustrade height was too low so we added another handrail to get through.

So looks like next Wednesday we will load the truck and move in on Thursday. I am a little nervous after our robbery but I think it will pass, new places generally make me nervous for a bit until Iget used to the creaks and groans anyway.

So the next bit of the journey is close, the house is 3/4 packed and looking very much like box monster tried to eat everything and spit half onto the floor.

So just 8 more days in our little house and we will be out in the open spaces enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and hopefully planting at least some vegies in the concrete laundry tub to get us through for a bit. Also we have decided to do a small paved area of the side of the hosue for the BBQ with some bricks my husband got from freecycle, and a freeform sandpit edged with large rocks and tree trunks next to it, I can see this will be a well-used space. Although apparently a mountain of rocks would be a fine addition to the playspace

Can't wait to show you pics when we are in but who knows how long it might take me to unpack, perhaps you will get a room at a time!
Not looking forward to the cleaning and prep of our little house for sale but will be relieved when it is on the market, a double mortage for this long has hurt the bank balance.

This is nly picture I have of the floor minus the Black Japan, but it does look great, shame our floor sander has so far taken 3.5 weeks and won't be done until next Wednesday, slowest floor sanding in history!!


  1. I just read about your robbery and am so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope that when you finally move in you can create some happy times to look back on and don't dwell on this nasty hiccup. All the best. ;-)

  2. Late to comment as usual. So sorry to hear about your stolen goods.Thank goodness you'll be in soon,it's terrible to feel suspicious at home.Matilda is looking fab!