Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What happens when you are nearly finished......

Welll for us on thsi journey someone breaks in and steals your brand new oven, your trailer and your ride-on mower, plus most of your husbands tools. A really crappy day. But the oven is insured, as were the other pieces but because they were at MAtilda the insurance company won't cover it.

So we kissed about $10000 good-bye last night, and are both feeling a little bedraggled, distrustful and down.

Hoping next week I can bring some good news.

Meanwhile is you hear of anyone selling a cheap Huqsvarna/Trailer/Oven send us a message :)


  1. Oh no. How awful. It reminds me of when we first moved here. Jason went to Bunnings to get some timber for a small reno project and some prick stole the car from the Bunnings carpark! The worst thing was, Jason had just filled up the tank so the thieves had full tank to hoon around in!

    You just don't need that kind of stuff happening!! xx

  2. Ohhh no! That's really terrible. Hope you can sort something out with your insurance.

    TDM xx

  3. How awful for you all.I dont get this type of thing one of our family friends Down In Lismore had his ute and bike in the back stolen Ute burnt out bike gone who knows where.Insured yes but the fact that you have been violated and that money you have spent that may have just been thrown away doesnt make up for it all.
    Hope they get theirs sooner than later and hope it will be onwards and upwards for you all xx

  4. Oh you poor things, that is just a wretched thing to do. And not being covered by insurance is just a slap in the face. Start entering competitions and you might win them back as you must be due some good karma. melx

  5. Oh. Noooo.

    I certainly hope karma bites those rotters (and the insurance company) in the rear. I'd certainly be watching the ads for someone selling a mower or letting the pawn shops know. Mathilda's gone so smoothy thus far--I hope this is the only bump!!!

  6. I am so disappointed for my hubby. His trailer and mower were real favourites and he worked away from us for 4 months last Christmas which is how he saved for them, such a kick in the guts. Going out to check the house soon and make sure no one broke in last night again.

  7. That is terrible! People can be such arseholes, I agree with pogo nip... Karma will get them!