Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Building work

The builders start next week. Underbattens enclosing the area under the house go on first and then the real work begins. Unfortunately we are having problems with the water meter still with Council, but it should be sorted by Friday. The biggest problem is that this means we still have no access to a mortgage which is tying us up dramatically in budgetary knots. So hopefully we can get the utilities finalise so the bank can lend us the money we need to complete the project.

My huge worry at the moment is meeting the energy requirements. Possibly we need to insulate all the exterior of the house, and the floor. The cost would be huge and currently there is no money around to do this. I think Mr TT and I could do the under floor insulation, but the exterior insulation involves a lot of building work. So fingers crossed all the other energy efficient undertaking such as solar panels, solar hot water, fans, 25000lt water tank should help us pass the 5 stars required. I am all for energy efficiency but I think they take it a little too far in the requirements of an old home.

Sorry I have been so slack updating, the money issues have been weighing heavily so here is hoping the bank believes Matilda to be worth close to what we think and they lend us enough to complete it. Otherwise the credit cards are going to get a workout.

Can't wait to post some progress pictures.

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  1. Amazed about all the energy requirements esp. considering councils themselves love to leave their own buildings lit up like Christmas trees?