Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Really really frustrated

Well no quotes have been received on building or plumbing.
I am getting so annoyed now as we really would love a completion date of late August, but it seems unlikely. It has to be done by October for Council deadlines so I am also anxious it is starting to cut close.

Today I will ring the two builders again and see what is going on. But I have done this time and again and gotten nowhere fast. I am so useless at being pushy, but perhaps it is time to learn.

So I am sorry I have nothing to update you with currently, but maybe by Friday we will have a quote and work will begin shortly after, (trying to stay positive)!

Yikes it is so scary when the Council hold the bond if it isn't completed, $50000 is a lot of money.


  1. Hi Rebecca can you send me your email and I can let you know the price on the white desk. Also the black chairs are for sale. thanks Sandy

  2. Fingers crossed you'll hear back this week. Ange