Wednesday, June 1, 2011

interior concept designs the image borrowing way

We don't have an architect, so I don't have anyone to do concept design for me. I am starting to worry about everything I want working the way I hoped.

So here are my favourite images for each room, lets see if they will mesh the way I am dreaming of

So the dining room should have a large country farmhouse dining table, low lying pendant lights,

and the wall where the wood heater would go in the dining room might have some framed family pictures and space to store the wood. Then just to replace the sliding doors with lovely french doors.

Something like this....

Then the family room has me slightly more stumped, but the walls will be white, with our big grey modular couch, and some cane or rattan to add texture and interest, plus a lrge rug of some description.
Plus some sort of book storage.

Our main family bathroom will have the VJ/bead board.

Definitely with this storage

Just need to thrift or buy some baskets

I thought small apple crates would work well for this, and give a more rustic feel.

We found a cupboard quite similiar to this, which Mr TT has promised he will relocate like this.

Then of course the kitchen.

Subway tiles, or pressed tin. Of course our divine double butler sink, and large kitchen island. Love the chunky organic looking wood.

Finally for me today the kids bedroom and our master.
Second daughters room, Miss Quirky. It gives her a nice nook to escape too.
Then Miss Bossy

                                                              Master roughantumble 

Then I guess finally the Master bedroom...

Something serene, simple...
An escape from the bustle of my children.

So that is my rough concept of the interior. It will be interesting to see if I can manage to bring this feeling to the Matilda.


  1. I am swooning over these images...they are all gorgeous! Am really looking forward to your ideas coming to fruition :)

  2. You seem to have a very clear vision so I'm sure you will pull it off. I have the problem that my taste is so eclectic and I like so many things that I am finding it really hard to choose what to do especially for the kitchen. melx

  3. Hi Mel,

    I choose on a recommendation to rate images out of 10 for how much you loved them. That narrowed down my favourite images for me. Maybe it would work with you ecelectic style? Are you on pinterest, I'd love to follow your boards.

  4. Hi Tammi, sorry it wouldn't let me post twice. Thansk I'm glad soemone else understand the style I love.

  5. I can tell you that you did a great job with all of it. You really don't need a design to do it when you have a clear vision what you want.

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