Monday, June 6, 2011

ticking along

We went out to the house last week. On a sunny, still day of a lovely 19 degrees, quite warm for our winter. So I snapped a couple of things I love.
The Sun peaking over the back roof, and those big lovely windows which will light my kitchen.

The biggest gum that sits behind our house, so tall and majestic. 
The quirky back porch, that also hides a tiny broom cupboard.

The grass seeds catching the sun around the fruit trees. When we learn to work the mower these will disappear.

A snippet of the sunroom windows, and standing in the space the vegetable garden will recide.

The front door, which I just love, solid, glass framed, and magnificent.

Wooden roof frames against tin. Not sure why I love this but it makes me swoon, ahhhhh.

The north sun touching our verandah, imagin a comfy couch setting reciding here, lovely.

Nothing much doing progress wise, but hopefully once power and water are in we can smash the rnovation quickly. My aim is to be moving about the 23rd of August, hey I can dream!!!


  1. Love the photos, I get you about the swooning too. I do that every time I see your front door. What fruit trees have you planted? Can't wait to see some action shots of that mower too.melx

  2. I love wooden roof frames as well, bet you can't wait!

  3. That sun on the verandah would have been a welcome treat on a cold day like today. I also love your front door. Ange