Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quotes in....

The quotes are in. The first had me hyper-ventilating and wondering where we would find the extra $40000. But then the renovation company who manages it top to bottom came in on budget. Breathe out. I am so relieved. I kinda get to walk away and let them just go and work and finish our beautiful home. They understood what we wanted and believe they can do it in our time frame on budget. Perfect, best news I have had all day.

So just to read through the fine print and sign our money away.

I am so so so happy to be on this side. With the house on site, builders that I like that will do the work, and a looming deadline that mean it must be comepleted.  But ever impatient I can not wait for completion and the move in, woo hoo, just 12 weeks away at the most. Then we will definitely be enjoying a wine and some yummy nibbles with family and friends on this verandah in the Spring. That reminds me I must plant some bulbs....

Hope your weekend brings you a smile like my Friday afternoon has.


  1. I can see that porch full of family and fun.Im excited for you!

  2. Such great news! Well done. Enjoy a few wines tonight. Can't wait to follow the progress over the next 12 weeks. Ange

  3. Congrats, you must be so relieved and excited. Time for some celebratory bulb planting I think. melx

  4. Thats fantastic. Twelve weeks is nothing.

  5. Fantastic news...the time will fly by :)