Sunday, June 5, 2011

Power and water today

A very boring post. Just basically to give you a quick update.

The power, communications and water trenching starts today. We will have power and a water supply this week, woo hoo!! More grass will be destroyed, and this will add to our barren landscape look we have going on in front of the house.

The best thing about power and water is that the bank will finally lend us money once we are hooked up with utilities. My In-laws have kindly bank rolled us with a loan up until this point, but we are hoping we can pay them back and start paying more debt to the bank from next week.

The building company seems to be messing around with quoting, so I had another builder out on Friday. Hopefully it will give us some more bargaining power.

Pictures to come.

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  1. Great news. Sounds like things are really moving along. Ange