Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspiring sandpits

Now my little chickens are nearly 4 and 6 years old. So I ummed and ahhed about a sandpit and whether we had outgrown this stage or not?
 But I think sand and water are essential to imaginative play.
So today I was googling for inspiration.

Alright the top one is huge. But i think I'd like a big sprawling sandpit to use as a base for the childrens area. The large stones would be great for adding to the play and for edging.

We probably won't be in a structured play area this time as our kids love to climb trees, play in the dirt and pick flowers. But I want a more set area for when other kids come and visit. The tree house is still in planning stages, but apparently council frowns on them so we are saving the construction until our final approvals have been granted.

Unfortunately we won't be on-site much in the next 8 weeks, and most likely doing zero in the way of landscaping, so it is a pipe dream for when we are moved in and can spend weekends setting up play areas.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Building work

The builders start next week. Underbattens enclosing the area under the house go on first and then the real work begins. Unfortunately we are having problems with the water meter still with Council, but it should be sorted by Friday. The biggest problem is that this means we still have no access to a mortgage which is tying us up dramatically in budgetary knots. So hopefully we can get the utilities finalise so the bank can lend us the money we need to complete the project.

My huge worry at the moment is meeting the energy requirements. Possibly we need to insulate all the exterior of the house, and the floor. The cost would be huge and currently there is no money around to do this. I think Mr TT and I could do the under floor insulation, but the exterior insulation involves a lot of building work. So fingers crossed all the other energy efficient undertaking such as solar panels, solar hot water, fans, 25000lt water tank should help us pass the 5 stars required. I am all for energy efficiency but I think they take it a little too far in the requirements of an old home.

Sorry I have been so slack updating, the money issues have been weighing heavily so here is hoping the bank believes Matilda to be worth close to what we think and they lend us enough to complete it. Otherwise the credit cards are going to get a workout.

Can't wait to post some progress pictures.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quotes in....

The quotes are in. The first had me hyper-ventilating and wondering where we would find the extra $40000. But then the renovation company who manages it top to bottom came in on budget. Breathe out. I am so relieved. I kinda get to walk away and let them just go and work and finish our beautiful home. They understood what we wanted and believe they can do it in our time frame on budget. Perfect, best news I have had all day.

So just to read through the fine print and sign our money away.

I am so so so happy to be on this side. With the house on site, builders that I like that will do the work, and a looming deadline that mean it must be comepleted.  But ever impatient I can not wait for completion and the move in, woo hoo, just 12 weeks away at the most. Then we will definitely be enjoying a wine and some yummy nibbles with family and friends on this verandah in the Spring. That reminds me I must plant some bulbs....

Hope your weekend brings you a smile like my Friday afternoon has.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Really really frustrated

Well no quotes have been received on building or plumbing.
I am getting so annoyed now as we really would love a completion date of late August, but it seems unlikely. It has to be done by October for Council deadlines so I am also anxious it is starting to cut close.

Today I will ring the two builders again and see what is going on. But I have done this time and again and gotten nowhere fast. I am so useless at being pushy, but perhaps it is time to learn.

So I am sorry I have nothing to update you with currently, but maybe by Friday we will have a quote and work will begin shortly after, (trying to stay positive)!

Yikes it is so scary when the Council hold the bond if it isn't completed, $50000 is a lot of money.

Monday, June 6, 2011

ticking along

We went out to the house last week. On a sunny, still day of a lovely 19 degrees, quite warm for our winter. So I snapped a couple of things I love.
The Sun peaking over the back roof, and those big lovely windows which will light my kitchen.

The biggest gum that sits behind our house, so tall and majestic. 
The quirky back porch, that also hides a tiny broom cupboard.

The grass seeds catching the sun around the fruit trees. When we learn to work the mower these will disappear.

A snippet of the sunroom windows, and standing in the space the vegetable garden will recide.

The front door, which I just love, solid, glass framed, and magnificent.

Wooden roof frames against tin. Not sure why I love this but it makes me swoon, ahhhhh.

The north sun touching our verandah, imagin a comfy couch setting reciding here, lovely.

Nothing much doing progress wise, but hopefully once power and water are in we can smash the rnovation quickly. My aim is to be moving about the 23rd of August, hey I can dream!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Power and water today

A very boring post. Just basically to give you a quick update.

The power, communications and water trenching starts today. We will have power and a water supply this week, woo hoo!! More grass will be destroyed, and this will add to our barren landscape look we have going on in front of the house.

The best thing about power and water is that the bank will finally lend us money once we are hooked up with utilities. My In-laws have kindly bank rolled us with a loan up until this point, but we are hoping we can pay them back and start paying more debt to the bank from next week.

The building company seems to be messing around with quoting, so I had another builder out on Friday. Hopefully it will give us some more bargaining power.

Pictures to come.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

interior concept designs the image borrowing way

We don't have an architect, so I don't have anyone to do concept design for me. I am starting to worry about everything I want working the way I hoped.

So here are my favourite images for each room, lets see if they will mesh the way I am dreaming of

So the dining room should have a large country farmhouse dining table, low lying pendant lights,

and the wall where the wood heater would go in the dining room might have some framed family pictures and space to store the wood. Then just to replace the sliding doors with lovely french doors.

Something like this....

Then the family room has me slightly more stumped, but the walls will be white, with our big grey modular couch, and some cane or rattan to add texture and interest, plus a lrge rug of some description.
Plus some sort of book storage.

Our main family bathroom will have the VJ/bead board.

Definitely with this storage

Just need to thrift or buy some baskets

I thought small apple crates would work well for this, and give a more rustic feel.

We found a cupboard quite similiar to this, which Mr TT has promised he will relocate like this.

Then of course the kitchen.

Subway tiles, or pressed tin. Of course our divine double butler sink, and large kitchen island. Love the chunky organic looking wood.

Finally for me today the kids bedroom and our master.
Second daughters room, Miss Quirky. It gives her a nice nook to escape too.
Then Miss Bossy

                                                              Master roughantumble 

Then I guess finally the Master bedroom...

Something serene, simple...
An escape from the bustle of my children.

So that is my rough concept of the interior. It will be interesting to see if I can manage to bring this feeling to the Matilda.