Monday, May 30, 2011

dream oven, could it be reality??

We went oven shopping today. It needs to be ready to be fitted with the kitchen in the coming month. We knew we wanted freestanding, probably a 900mm gas.

Love has struck us before though in the shape of these Agas

Unfortunately the debt aspect of an $10000 oven, plus heating only with wood, halted the dream quickly.
Today however we stumbled across a similiar style in gas, with 4 ovens, and less than a quarter of the price tag. So we are thinking, a lot. 

Here it is

So $2000 to find in a tight budget. Is it worth it do you think? Would you like it in a kitchen?? I do a fair bit of baking, and that will probably only increase. But itis such a lot of money. Aaarggghh can't decided, so are putting it to you guys, let me know what you think, it will give oyu more things to mull over.

Hope you're all having a great day.


  1. Hi :) Wow, that is one good-looking oven! If you love cooking and do a lot of it and if buying it won't only allow you to live on rice for the next six months, then I say go for it! Love your blog by the way...

  2. I say get it - you will regret it if you don't. It is a good investment as you use it everyday! Scrimp somewhere else! ;-)

  3. I saw something very similar to this at a home show and fell head over heels in love with's on the wish list for when we finally own our own home :)

    Just think of it as an investment that will pay for itself tenfold.


  4. Go for it, an oven is completely justifiable. If it helps average it over 20 years- $100 bucks a year seems reasonable to me. Or divide it by the number of baked goods produced which would have to bring it down to 30 cents per cake or roast.

  5. DO IT! We invested a ridiculous amount of $ in our oven and it's been worth every single cent, both in looks and operation. I've cooked with terrible ovens before and a good one makes a massive day-to-day difference! gxo

  6. Get what you really want or you will look at it everyday and regret it. I really like the look of it and would get one myself if I had the space. Ange