Monday, May 16, 2011

Demolition when family visits

A lovely relative came to visit our new/old house.
So we put her to work!!

Down comes more beams and a door.

Down comes the false ceiling in the kitchen.

The view now from the sunroom.

The work continues.....


  1. Our family loves a good demolition party! Removing the old ceiling in the kitchen certainly made it feel more airy.

    Have fun!

  2. Looking good! Love seeing the work in progress. Family are the best- my mum helped gapfill many many vj's in our last house, so good for those tedious jobs to share the load. You must be so excited now that Matilda is in her place and all stumped. Melx

  3. That's what happens when people pop in!!! Good use of the extra set of hands. Ange

  4. So very excited!! Meeting the builders we hope will do the work today. Then we can kick off the proper renos.