Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rough garden plan

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have a gorgeous day at Matilda, working in the garden, and having a lovely lunch with some of our family.

The view from th kitchen stairs

Hard clay exists here now

The soil is hard clay in the majority of the 4 acres that is no longer grassed due to builders trucks. So it was tough going for the hole diggers. It also made me nervous about my rough garden plan as digging in about 400 plants in front of the house would take sometime. So we are getting some organic material dumped and mulching, and we will leave this for sometime to improve the soil in front of the house.

The vegetable garden will definitely be built in a no dig style. Otherwise I think we would struggle to grow weeds, which doesn't quite fulfil my dreams of reasonable self-sufficiency.

I want a vegetable garden that looks like this......

or this

But many hours of very hard work and soil preparation lay ahead.....


  1. It should be beautiful I will enjoy watchin the progress.

  2. Your first dream pic reminded me of the garden from that movie Practicle Magic.Every vege garden needs a fence to keep out the footballs,basketballs,kids,dog etc.Have fun?Love the view.

  3. This garden will need a fence going by the wallabies demolition of our fruit trees, and the rabbit/hare holes all over the yard! Yeah it will be kinda fun, I adore working in the garden.

  4. It will be worth the effort :)

    I one day dream of having such a vegetable garden.