Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The house is stunning, it simply is. What a relief after having not laid eyes on it prior to the move.

Gorgeous huge arches.
Double hung windows that must be 180cm tall.
High ceilings, I would think over 9ft with beautiful VJs (which for those who don't know are vertical wall timbers, like beadboard in appearance) and ornate ceiling roses.
I had trouble taking it all in yesterday.

Below are some pictures of it yesterday during the rain.  

It is all ours.
We never dreamed we could afford a house this beautiful, with a landscape this amazing but we have managed it, (with a little budget acrobatics). I can't wait to watch it transform in the next few months.


  1. Sounds like you are bursting with happiness...it's great that you are watching your dreams come to fruition and I look forward to seeing the transformation over the coming months.

  2. Those arches just took my breath away in other photos. I'm so glad that you love it even more now that you've finally seen it!

    Looking forward to the transformation to a delightful family abode!

  3. Congratulations! It is so exciting to see your dreams start to take shape isn't it? Good luck with your stumping ... Rain has delayed ours by 3 weeks! Your house looks in far better shape than ours, you will be in before us :) I love your setting, the house will be perfect there. x M

  4. I feel your excitement after all the wait and work. Looks lovely.

  5. Thanks guys. As you can see the verandah still needs to be opened up and the roof on, but it feels like it fits there!

  6. Once her roof goes on she is going to look like she's always been there. Enjoy all this progress after so many months of waiting. Melx