Friday, May 13, 2011

Matilda now

Not too much change but the stumping has been happening and it takes quite sometime.
 Today I am hoping to work out how to take out the louvres. Hubbie plans to reuse them in the treehouse so they need to stay complete.

A comparison shot of this room is here

A before before picture of this room on here it used to be the toilet room and the shot with the glass cupboard which you can see open on the left.
The room is filled with rubbish as our skip doesn't come until next week and we can close this door!
The terrazo floor isn't visible but it is around the base of the toilet, I'll do another shot when I have emptied the room.

The driveway  has commenced which means the concrete truck can come, and the skip, excellent news.  Unfortunately my phtotography does not do the driveway justice but it is quite lovely winding down the hill through the trees.
A cover of compacted road base will go on top to complete it. I can't wait to take my first drive down.


  1. Now I understand why we didn't a photo with the terrazo problem, lol!

    So...if her first name is Mathilda, is Yeronga her last name?

  2. Lol Yeronga was the removal location so it kinda stuck, but she is in a new spot so she needs a new name. I like the idea of Yeronga as her family name!

  3. Really like the name- suits her grand size and beautiful outlook but also acknowledges her roots as an unpretentious main road city girl. I was right about where she came from and she is so much better off with you as previously she faced a nasty concrete fence, a busy road and a train line. I think you should call her Matilda of Yeronga ( like Anne of Green Gables). The driveway looks wonderful already and can't wait to see the louvres put to use in the cubby. We have been collecting from curbside collection for our cubby plans. Mel:)