Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awards - what to wear...

Well I am very chuffed to have been awarded the

award which as far I can tell is an award for up and coming 'lovely' blogs. Bungalow Girl awarded me this. I could only wish to be as light and chatty as her, and it has been delightful getting to know her family and Betsy online.

So three blogs from me now to nominate that are newish and delightful

Life in the Country - a gorgeous blog about her life in WA, witty and beautiful.

At Home - I love this blog, it has great style and is all about decorating her home. Gorgeous.

Autumn Blooming - a lovely blog that is about baking and her family life - very new and easy to read.

On a side note I have been Freecycling - it is a network where people can share things they no longer want, or ask for things someone else may be getting rid of.

I have always had a plan to minimise what we have to purchase new for the next house and had a few things I was hoping to pick up secondhand.

A heritage Hills hoist - an Australian Icon and it dries clothes like nothing else, which when you have that love to play in mud, and the city you live in has a lot of red dirt, is very important.
 Plus the kids love to swing on it!!!
The one we scored is 3.4m across, a few loads will fit on it.

A old cement laundry  tub for outside planting - this is just the style I believe mine is completely cement coloured. These curently go for about $70 so I was lucky to be offered this one!

Plus I was lucky enough to be offered a single tub laundry sink as the lady was getting rid of it, it is in good condition, and I can't say i really care what my laundry tub looks like :)

So all in all a great haul and I figure has saved us about $1000, with the added bonus of character and no waste!


  1. Wow, thanks for the award! Feeling very chuffed!

  2. Oh my! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I'm a little slow in getting this! I appreciate it so much!! Hooray!

  3. Hi found you through At Home blog and decided to follow.Love your cloths line. I have wanted one for ages!I want to be able to hang my sheets and towels in the summer.Lucky You!Hope you stop by my blog for a visit and I would love for you to follow if you so desire!I will be back!