Sunday, March 20, 2011


I showed you Miss R's gorgeous desk awhile back. It was $10 at our local charity shop, and got a couple of licks of lollypop pink to match her personality.

Well we moved it yesterday and it reminded me that I didn't get to post about finding the chair to go with it.
$2 for a chair, it was in the car very fast!
 No paint involved, although we will shorten the legs by an inch of so it fits under her besk with Miss R sitting on it.

Plus I picked up these curtains on a whim for the girls room, as we have a rose adoration.

The pic is overexposed but I kind of loved it.

Oh sorry I didn't clean up for you...... I'm not particularly good at it :)


  1. What a gorgeous desk and chair set...they go beautifully together :)

  2. Very pink and very girly! Perfect for a little girl's bedroom. Ange

  3. All that pink, kind of looks like a bedroom over our way. Liongirl's room is actually tidy because of the recent birthday party- I actually took photos too to post soon. A groovy chair for $2 is a steal and also loving the pink teepee- presume it's your handiwork? I have a pattern to make one out of my stash of floral sheets as soon as I can clear space for the sewing machine.

  4. How sweet,I'm sick of boy's rooms!That chair was a bargain.