Friday, March 18, 2011

Soil test back - the best we could hope for

Soil test is in and it says all the things we were hoping it would. So it is packed up and ready to given a good luck kiss before hitting the express post box on Monday!!

We are so hopeful that this is our last submission the kind of hope that is tinged with great fear at what they might find next for us to produce to there satisfaction.

We are undecided about sending a letter in with the report saying we will meet all the recommendations for the slope and listing them, or just letting the Council come back to us with conditions on construction, what would you do?? The only reason we don't want to do this is in case they don't agree with the report and we end up delaying the project further.

Anyway we are another step closer and a little bit poorer on the road to have our dream home on our dream landscape - wishing you all a gorgeous weekend xx


  1. I don't know how you keep on top of all these tedious jobs as well as looking after your kids. I think wait and see what they say as they will all be following tick a box checklists anyway so your letter will be outside the square for them. Save your time for something more enjoyable.

  2. I am just so motivated to get the permit currently it keeps me moving along.
    Although I am hoping to hand over the reno work to a company that manages renovations. Just have to get a quote from them that I am happy with.