Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You win some and well you know.....

Yesterday we were informed that a Council officer did not proceed with our application to remove trees on the roadside for the truck to be able to access the site.

Why you ask?

Because this gentleman in his infinite wisdom did not believe we would be successful with our application.

However now the Building section has pre-approved (waiting on Planning) he had to back down a bit.

So Hubbie and I had a minor freak-out because we believed he had been working on this for 2 months, when in fact he had not.

But guess what? I had a little win.

I rang DERM (Dept of Environment and Resource Management) about the tree removal and they 'suggested' that because we can lop the trees at approx 1.6m it doesn't count as clearing them. So actually our removal company already have the document to allow them to 'trim' trees to access the site.

HOORAY!! Not another lengthy hold-up for this permit.

Now I am struggling because I have Karma issues about not telling the developer that 3 of his 6+ meter trees will just be sticks on the side of the road. But because I am so fed up with the process I am not telling him. He can always apply to remove them completely should he feel that is necessary.

Straight to hell for me, do you think???

A playspace for when we visit.


  1. How else is a truck supposed to get to your site? I'd view the 1.6 m as a "severe pruning". Your other option is to "transplant" them elsewhere, lol.

    Love the new playspace BTW!

  2. Consider it you doing the developer a favour by bringing a little bonsai to the outback. Love your playspace- a tyre swing would be fabulous of that huge tree- my two love it and you could fit all 3 on at once.