Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I needed to rock a little....... and I got too

So I managed it. To rock a little. To feel a little bit great!

How , this is how.
After our Planning/Soil test problems we found out the new report would be extra, a lot extra. Money we realisticaly would have quite a lot of trouble finding.

So I got 4 quotes. I chatted to the company I liked the most and asked what leg work I could do for them to save costs, they cut the quote in half. That's right IN HALF!!!

So I am doing a little celebratory dance, well I haven't stopped my celebratory dance since I got off the phone. I soooo love to save money, and this was a good saving.

Oh I took some more pictures of our site for the Engineers today and thought you might like a look so here you go


  1. Love love love that view and all those trees are making me hyperventilate. Not to mention those dusky blue rolling hills in the background. Makes me want to just lift Betsy and move her to the country somewhere. Whereabouts is this- is it somewhere near Toowoomba or Gatton? If all the stress is ever getting to you just take another look at those photos to recharge your soul.
    By the way thanks for the comments on Betsy's kitchen- I am planning on selling it and thought painting it white would make that harder so that's why it hasn't been done already. Also loved tip about abeachcottage but the link you gave me does not go to a kitchen- any thoughts?

  2. Your home looks like it will be situated in a beautiful spot. Lovely. xx

  3. It is just outside Toowoomba and probably 30 minutes form Gatton. A nice close spot for school runs etc.

  4. Wow... they are great before pictures. We built on very sloping land too... I never knew dirt (or shifting it to be precise) could be so expensive! Look forward to seeing the progress... love progress. gxo