Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do you think?

I made a start on the cane lounges. The rattan has been removed and the edges have been sanded. But I can't decide on whether to paint them white????? What do you think???

Also I am not 100% sure of the fabric. Will it look good on a verandah?? Is it too bright??
I was kinda hoping ti would fade nicely and look more worn as time goes on.

As you can see I haven't sewed them yet as I am just not 100% convinced. It definitely needs more scatter cushions too!!

Love some ideas for where to take this project.


  1. I want that cane lounge!! Exactly what I am after, I will find one! I like the cane look, more vintagey, I think white is more the shabby look. I like your cushions, I think they will look lovely too as they fade. I don't think its too bright. I had in mind, blue and white stripe ikea fabric cause its nice and thick for when I make some covers for my yet to be found cane lounge!

  2. I really like them in original cane colour as well. The other fabric option would be using some of your cool vintage floral sheets?

  3. Excellent pine it is, less work for me, bonus!
    Yeah I considered floral but Hubby wasn't so keen.
    How did the Birthday party go Bungalow girl??

  4. I love the style of this. I'd paint it white and recover it using drop cloths :)

  5. Ok off to investigate ddrop clothes, might make an excellent second set of covers.
    I am thinking of selling our current couches and just using these until we decide on a new couch so it would be great to have another set of covers.