Monday, March 7, 2011

It's my birthday and I welcome......

Yep It's my birthday. NO we have not yet received planning approval!!

I have been blessed already with three children who constantly push me to learn better ways to parent them, good health, and a gorgeous smart hard-working husband.

I couldn't imagine being more lucky, truly.

But today I was.

I couldn't have dreamed when my hubbie and I started out, both students living on $60 groceries a week that I would be this spoilt.

Ok here it is 

Yep I'll be the envy of many, well in my mind at least :)
 But it won't be for decoration it will be used to the extreme
as we follow Sue Dengate's Failsafe diet which involves doing a lot of baking ourselves.

Unfortunately there was a wait on the Pistachio so I have at least another week until I can caress the goreous green.


  1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a year of Approveds!

    Have fun with your new KitchenAid. I think baking is the best thing in the world--and a pistachio helper doesn't hurt either :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!! And wow, you are one lucky girl! I definately have a bad case of mixer envy!!! Now, what will be first on your baking agenda when it arrives?

  3. I will have to peruse the cookbooks for the christening. A great biscuit recipe would be good to fill those biccie jars!!

  4. Happy Birthday! How lucky! I love the green. Sigh!

  5. How lucky are you! Happy Birthday. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! Im very jealous, my mother in law has one of these and I LOVE it! Im praying for one for my new house!

  7. Ooooh you are the luckiest, but I'm not allowing myself to be envious as I still haven't been able to choose between the pistachio and the cream anyway.
    It will get heaps of use doing the failsafe diet- we have been doing it for 12 months with fantastic results - it is a fair bit of work/hassle but a much calmer more balanced child is worth every bit. We have it even tricker as we are dealing with dairy allergy as well so I have become very good at adapting recipes. Another reason why my kitchen drives me mad as I am in there a lot!

  8. Hey Bungalow girl sound slike we need to get together sometime and compar enotes :) Yeah it is tricky when you have to cook lots from scratch to not have a realy functional space.

  9. Sounds great- I don't know anyone else who has done the diet so love to chat anytime. Feel free to email me at to have a proper chat.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to you.
    I received an almond (cream) Kitchen Aid for my last birthday (and spent much time tossing up between the pistachio and almond - sounds more like ice-cream varieties than mixers). Enjoy.