Monday, March 14, 2011

Further chair inspiration

I was thinking more and more about the chairs so I thought I'd do a collection of my favourite cane furniture pics to give me a better sense of what I want them to be....,5450

I couldn't find many.
These were my two favourites.
So time to go white.
I did like the cane, but I hope that I will love it in white!


  1. Now that I have seen the white- loving it too. The natural cane just looks a bit too orange fake tan now that you have showed me the white.Nice to know someone else lives with a variation of quirky. We actually have an official medical label as well with long term implications but don't feel comfortable sharing this with the world so we use quirky for the blog. It's really hard to blog in an ordinary way when you have a special needs child as it makes little triumphs like a birthday party so much bigger than anyone would know.

  2. Ahh you hit the nail on the head - fake tan!! I ccouldn't quite work out what annoyed me about the colour.
    We also have some labels and completely understand. People enetering our house, and not having melt-downs is a massive achievement!!! Congrats on it going so well.