Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm so dizzy......

New information requests.
They came yesterday from planning department.
I am  happy to admit I don't even understand what they had written, let alone what they want.
I spent a night 'learning' the language.
I did new drawings and locations and information and sent them to our Architects (who have been brilliantly helpful) to hopefully collate into what the Planning people want.

My night went badly with little sleep, sick children, and early mornings waaaayyyy before the sun visited.
I wondered outloud what I am doing in cranky tired Mum ramblings.

Buuutttt for all the PITA this is in my life, good things are coming.

*in one week it is my Birthday
*I love Autumn.
*we have many other family birthdays this month
* we have purchased many beautiful plants to put onto our land to attract gorgeous butterflies.

So all in all it is just another hiccup.

For my birthday I wish for......... yep you guessed it.......
Council approval!! Feel free to fill this wish everyone :)

Thanks for coming by...

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  1. It's never ending it seems at the moment for you! Hope you get your birthday wish. Every year we watch Monarch Caterpillar's on milkweed change to beautiful butterflys and this year we managed to grow our own. It's only a weed but quite a pretty one. I've also got in 4 Richmond Birdwing butterfly vines. They are lovely and grow naturally up trees, you should get some, its the only thing the Richmond birdwing butterfly caterpillar eats.