Friday, February 11, 2011

Can we do it?

Sometimes I am  almost paralyzed wondering how we will manage an acreage when I look outside and our 600sqm isn't mowed and toys are littered around.

But today it reminded me of the process of moving from having just one child to two (or three if you are blessed with our kind of craziness).

You wonder how you could possibly look after another child, when one takes up all your time. Then life happens and you manage it. Sometimes it is a struggle, and sometimes pure joy.

I figure this is what maintenance will be like for us on the new property. Some jobs will be great like vegetable gardening, planting gorgeous flowers,

 but others like spraying weeds, constantly mowing, and whipper-snippering will been mundane. The mundane helps to breed the appreciation for more special activities, and I am hoping may help to keep our children more grounded as they become old enough to take on some outside tasks.


  1. Bec, if anyone can do it you guys can after your journey this far! Our 2.5 acres is littered with toys and needs mowing, but you know what? So is everyone's. When it takes a whole day just to mow it gets put into perspective a bit more. It's just grass, it'll just grow again and you'll just have to mow again ... although it does look lovely when it's done! We just really need to get on with getting our cow ...

  2. We've just gone from 1 acre of beautiful rose gardens (established by the previous owner) to 5 acres of dead buffle. We don't have a big tractor or slasher, just a little John Deere ride on mower to keep things under control. The automatic watering system is doing a great job of keeping things green though... and by automatic watering system, that's actually me dragging heavy hoses and sprinklers around. So far we have layed turf around the house, planted lilly pilly's along the driveway, some fruit trees, and a poinciana. We have a long way to go! You just have to keep telling yourself that Rome wasn't built in a day and these things take time to establish. Good luck!!

  3. Thanks guys. Very happy to 'let it go' a bit. DH has worked over 80 hours this week so was wondering how we (probably me) would manage it all. But I figure it can definitely be an on-going project :)

  4. We have boy/girl twins. They're four and half now.

    I'm always in awe of people who have land, rather than just a normal garden....but it looks as though you're doing a GREAT job!

    I'm looking forward to following along with you.


  5. Hi Sarah my twins are 3.5 yrs old. Always nice to meet other twins Mums.

  6. Ah, but you don't have to mow-that's what cows and sheep are for. If you organise it well, like that, then it can actually be LESS effort!

    From someone who also went straight from one to three :)