Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dream re-ignites...

Well after being a bit exhausted managing school problems, and lots and lots of council paperwork we recieved a small piece of good news. One part of our application has been approved.
Our Plumbing is through! Just Planning and Building approval to go. Well for step 1, and then the real work comes!

So yesterday we went out and spent a nice morning on our acreage.
We spent time planning some outdoor areas, chicken runs, fruit orchards, which views we will see  from our windows ,
and how to wind the driveway through the trees.

It was a GORGEOUS morning. The kids made houses from long branches, and I realised how rejuvenating it is to have that kind of space and peace around, instead of the busy, noisy road we live on.
My husband and son thoroughly enjoyed just hitting pieces of wood with bigger pieces of wood, (funny species men :)

It was just what we needed.  It reinforced how important this is to all of us, and that another couple of months really doesn't matter (well TBH it matters a bit because we would love to be living there now). I realised the process would be tiring and wearing, but nothing worth doing is easy, as they say.

This weeks Goals

* resubmit building application with new additions
* three quotes on the driveway and commence work
* speak to council about tree removal application (this is so we have 9m clearance for the house)
* organise the 3 trees to be removed on our land for the house site
* start getting quotes on electricity trench work
* submit water application for town water
* order 25000 litre water tank
* order kitchen (had to be put-off)
* order solar panels and hot water system

and hopefully this will all get done by Friday.


  1. I believe all your planning and effort is going to pay dividends that you can't even begin to imagine now!

    And after seeing your Gorgeous Homes post, I am not surprised that you're embarking on all of this.

  2. good for you! love a good list too, you are very organised.

  3. Just think of how fabulous it will be when the house is finally complete. Hopefully you'll look back and say 'It was worth the wait'. I hope you get to tick everything of your 'To Do' list this week - I always find this very satisfying. Enjoy the week ahead. Ange

  4. Cross fingers all your approvals get through. Sounds like a busy week! xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely morning Bec. Hope you get things crossed off your list! Vic xx