Monday, February 7, 2011

A cup of tea without a biscuit is a wasted opportunity....

Well this week is kitchen decision time. 

So we need to narrow down how country, white, filled with character,  and rustic we want it.
Of course on the smallest of budgets.

oh and it still has to be eco-friendly, and hardy. Not much to ask is it??

White paint and wood need to blend.

And some pieces need to have been pre- loved.....

I'll let you know how I go.


  1. Hi, I have added some more info for you under your farm purchases post. Happy reading! ;-)

  2. Love the bath and basins. Love the lunchboxes, good to see some effort, its not that hard is it. I do similar yummy interesting food in my kids lunches too, so good to see some other ideas! Hope the council comes to the party soon.

  3. Hi Jen - thanks that was a great help!
    Hi Leah - yeah it is really not a hard lunch box. But a friend and I were discussing it yesterday and it is definitely not meant to be guilt inducing, just might give someone else ideas.

  4. Not too much to ask at all. These pictures are wonderful. Exactly what I want for my kitchen too. Just stunning.

  5. I have the third pic in my favorites as well just love it.I like the style you're leaning towards.