Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it all falls down... but we pick oursleves up and start again

On Tuesday afternoon, after lodging what I believed were my final documents for Council my husband placed a call to Environment about the 3 trees we have to remove for access to our site.
The Environment officer made an off hand remark about how the cost to come into bushfire code would break us, and this removal house thing may never happen.

Well DH rings me, I freak out, we both start trawling google and worrying about owning a removal house, and owning land the and the two never meeting, and us carrying a double mortgage and eating a lot of rice and beans :)

Buut I tend to pick myself up after a meltdown with a 'you can't stop me doing this, what do you need' attitude.

So after numerous unreturned phone calls to Council yesterday and much engine searching I feel we are better informed and can easily meet the requirements.

Which appear to be
- lopping the large gum trees on our property (probably just on the house side)
- removing more trees that we would have ever wanted too - but we can plant more elsewhere
- enclosing the bottom of the house where the stumps are with a fine steel mesh to prevent embers entering
- a sprinkler system on the roof, and perhaps around the base of the house

Hardly insurmountable is it - maybe $2000 in cost.

There seems to be a great prejudice against removal homes. A bit like being renters.
Personally I feel it is far better than building a new Colonial QLDer, and am surprised the Council are not in agreement.

But hey, back to fight another day. All things being fair I will do my best to push this through. Now it isn't just a dream it is also our financial future.


  1. Oh dear. So many obstacles. Keep persevering. xx

  2. They can be so difficult, soldier on you will get there in the end. ;-)

  3. You guys take the cake for repeatedly beating your heads against the wall and still be able to blog about it in a vaguely positive way! Love the cranky mama attitude, those kind of obstacles bring it out in me too. You fire up girl!

  4. I'm becoming addicted to the Timber and Tin soap opera! Of course, I know it'll all work out in the end, but I don't envy you the bureaucracy you're dealing with. I'm not convinced they know what they're doing (to put it politely, lol).

  5. Thanks everyone. Seems reasonably well sorted out for now. Although they do seem to be a wonderful law unto themsleves. I am 100% convinced the sopa opera will continue - that is the journey we have chosen :) I was thinking soon we could put bets on the actual date the hous emight arrive - Christmas 2013 perhaps??? :)

  6. Thanks for your comments on my entrance. The basket was from Recollections. Good luck! ;-)

  7. Oh ta - I can pick one up when we pick up our bath and basins. Excellent - thanks.