Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grey day

It has been a grey cloudy day in my head.

Initially dropped a child, who used to be secure and happy, off to school in floods of tears, as she was again taken from my arms. Everyday I am wondering if we have chosen the 'right' place for her, and it is wearing me down.
The day did not improve as I spoke to a different lady in planning today.  Who informed me "No they haven't accepted your planning proposal, you were wrongly informed'. (bang head repeatedly against wall).

It is a coffee, chocolate, and lying in bed kinda day, but my two little ones do not agree.

Hoping everyone else a bright blue sunny kind of day.


  1. I'm so sorry Bec, give me a ring if you need to. xx

  2. Thanks Vicki, too upset today to make sense. Maybe tomorrow? Can you text me your home number again, sorry i am so useless with that stuff.