Thursday, February 24, 2011

sorted.... well sorta sorted

Alright I have discussed with every Council certifier I can find and all is ok currently. We have met what is required and are travelling along (waiting for the next hiccup). Meanwhile real life travels on too.

So my To Do list is looking a little neglected as I have battled Council and a head cold, and seem to be winning both, (well winning a little :)

Buuut I ordered our kitchen today.

So an Artisan Carpenter from our local area is making the kitchen.
 It has two parallel benches (floor plan at the bottom of this post). That will run along the wall behind our dining room similiar to these - but they will be the same length.

One will host our dreamy, magical, double farmhouse sink.
Then next to it will live my much longed for 900mm Gas oven (not purchased yet).
Then happily directly across will live our nearly 3 metre kitchen island. Enough island space to cook with my children, chat, have a wine with friends or a casual dinner.

Then when I spoke to the gentleman carpenter today and expressed my concern over the wasted timber that will need to be cut out for the sink, he said 'would you like to use it for a great chopping board or pot holder for the table', I answered hurriedly ' um yes please!' Perfect.

I think I may paint the legs and shelves white for balance against all the rustic timber.
I have also scored an old meat safe (in need of a bit of paint love) as we have space on the wall meeting the playroom for the fridge and some cupboards (a little reminiscent of the image above, well I hope it will be).

Very happy. How much would all this cost? Ten thousand, NO, Five thousand, No - under two thousand dollars. I can't believe it! Amazing.
Now it is not a huge fancy kitchen with lots of cupboards it is an open style kitchen - but still, I'm very happy.
p.s. I would assume budget savings on the kitchen might buy me a certain kitchenaid I have had my eye on, wouldn't you agree?? I mean it would offer a nice design touch.....


  1. oh that is good news all around. Dam council. Kitchen sounds perfect and yes def for the kitchenaid, trouble is what colour!! When I got mine, I told myself its not about the colour, just get white, then I quickly got over that, its all about the colour and so I got Ice blue and funnily enough it has directed just about the whole 'trying to decorate while renovate' colour scheme I've got happening here at the moment! Glad you've had some good news.

  2. Very exciting, looks like it will be amazing, cheers Katherine

  3. Totally agree with Leah about the kitchenaid, I'm dreaming about mine too and being unable to choose the colour is the only thing stopping me wanting it this second. The cream is divine, or the white, or the pistachio probably winning currently, if I was braver maybe the orange.....With your gorgeous kitchen on a budget you absolutely deserve a kitchenaid. Can't wait to see the end result. Perhaps the meatsafe will be painted to compliment the kitchenaid?

  4. Ooohh pistachio would probaly be my pick. Although I do adore white. But I ould then make pistachio the highlighting colour as you say.
    Yep nice to dream!! Hope it will be gorgeous, still have to wait and see.
    Love the bike too Bungalow girl - gorgeous!