Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attic bedrooms/playspace

I am imagining an attic space in our house in the future. Because although to us it is HUGE it only has the 2 'formal' bedrooms - http://timberandtin.blogspot.com/2011/01/floor-plans-only-minro-adjustments.html see here.

Although you could probably say it was 3 bedrooms at a pinch, it just isn't enough. We are converting the sunroom off Bed 2 into another bedroom while our children still love sleeping close. But it is short term. We feel we want 4 bedrooms so everyone has a space to call home, away from each other. A retreat so to speak!

Soo I starting wondering about going up. An attic space? Maybe it could host 2 children maybe only 1. Or maybe it would just be a space they could play and escape, and turn the toyroom back into a ncie bedroom. Who knows. Sometimes the nice bit is the planning/dreaming/scheming.

So here are some attic rooms I love.

What do you think? I know my middle child would love a space like this. I would have as a child as well. Would you?


  1. Ooops didn't mean to post this one, but there you go, a double post!!

  2. Each child definitely needs their own space(sanity saver for Mum and Dad!) Have always loved the idea of a "creepy attic" at our place.Great pics.

  3. I too am a huge attic fan. I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous attic room as a child in Melbourne. It was painted apricot with a white cast iron bed and a white brocade lightshade that I remember choosing on a holiday around age 8. I felt like a little bird with my high perch looking out into the trees and over the whole street. The only problem is they do get really hot and can be hard to insulate. I agree about the dreaming and planning too, it is exciting.