Thursday, February 10, 2011

My day upcycling

Upcycling - to re-use a waste material for a better environmental outcome.

Only three instances today as far as I am aware.

* Well I used my bi-carb the other day for pikelets, but no 'shebang' you know what I mean, no explosive bubbles, so I figured the barely used packet was on it's way out. I added it to a bit of eucalyptus in a jar shook it around and now have a deodoriser for 'ahem' odours in the house.

* upcycling number 2 was it was the day to clear out the nesting boxes. This hay and added nutrients (yep you know what I'm talking about) is great on the garden. I throw it over thickly and water it down. Makes a great mulch with the added nnutrients seems to give the plants an extra boost!!

* some jeans I love that I tore a hole in when I walked past a screw got a gentle mend today. Such a calming activity to hand sew, I wish I made more time for it.
The jeans are now good for a venture to the park or gardening as the winter approaches. They were just worn in, I'd hate to part with them.

* Oh and I guess I'm kinda upcycling my body currently :)

Well it has kinda gone to a wasteland, so I have started some decent fitness programs and am trying to add lots of incidental exercise, so maybe it can be my 4th project???

So my four upcycled waste products for today. Not much I know but every little bit helps - anything you have upcycled lately??


  1. Does picking up 2354 individual grains of rice, peas and corn (from tonights fried rice that somehow ended up on the floor) and passing them onto the chooks constitute upcycling?
    By the way, loved your little lunchini ideas from a few posts ago and have to also clarify - are you seriously not allowed to have white trim on your house? Not even if you call it Merino? Are you stuck with "heritage" colours? Legoman did suggest you call it antiblack and see if that helps it through council..........

  2. Anti-black sounds fantastic. Yep I can NOT paint the trim white! It even says it in their new planning document.
    We decided the lightest gray we could find would have to do!