Thursday, February 3, 2011

A few purchases

Well it must be getting closer because we are starting to buy up.

So far we have a bath

two basins

and a dishwasher (essential to us with moutains of dishes most days).

Basically we bought because we had our eye on all of these and they were further discounted 30-50% off, so now we own them!! Plus our beautiful double butler sink, yep it truly is dreamy!

Now my next step is ordering our oven, I think we will go a 900mm 6 burnner gas one. 
Then I get to order the kitchen (WOO HOO) based on all these dimensions.
The kitchen should take 2-3 week to be finished so it is time to make final decisions on this as we hope (fingers, toes, legs crossed) that our 'Yeronga' may arrive late this month.


  1. It's coming together... I love your purchases so far and I would love a bath like that for the boys bathroom when we finally get around to renovating it. Any recommendations? ;-)

  2. We bought it from a place called recollections. It was $5000 less than any I saw in the same style, buutt of course it is acrylic for the price. I don't mind, never had anything other than acrylic anyway.

  3. Isn't it exciting going shopping for the gorgeous stuff ( as opposed to toilets and washing machines). Love the bath, we had an acrylic in our old house , just don't let the kids use those bath crayons as they can stain it even though they are not supposed to. Can't wait to see your kitchen....

  4. I feel your excitment! Love the tub(French tub?)Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.