Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're going on a couch hunt.....

Well I hate our couches. They are wearing out, are droopy, and just not that comfy.
Plus I don't love the style anymore either.

But with 3 children under 6, and many that visit the new couch has to be pratical.

So do we go leather? Not my favourite fabric to sit-on, hot in summer, cold in winter.
 But oh so easy to wipe clean. Or fabric, maybe with washable slip-covers?
Then what colour. I tend to go lighter (yep I love white, white and more white) but it seems like a silly move with three children who do play in the mud A LOT, oh and there favourite foods are raspberries YIKES.

So here are some I like.
Would love it in a softer colour though. Do you think it would work with throws and soft cushions? Or not comfy looking?

I like this. Looks a little country. The covers are washable, and it would work well with lighter coloured accessories. But would I regret fabric again? Perhaps this teamed with some armchairs in a patterned fabric would create more interest, as it is a big room. Yeah I think just one bigger couch - but chaise or 3 seater, so many decisions!

I just want a comfy space I don't have to stress about, that we can all spread out and watch family movies, or share morning tea with some Mums.

Something with bits of these in it!

Thanks for being inside my head during decisions, love your 2 cents worth!!


  1. Leather! Leather! Leather!
    I hated it before we had kids but it is so easy to look after. I can't imagine cleaning the wees, poos, vomit, food, drinks etc from a fabric lounge!

  2. My brief was the same as yours!! And I just purchased and am (impatiently) waiting the arrival of a Plush 3 seater with extra seat in corner chaise, leather, light brown, I dont' know the colour, but its perfect!! Plush were excellent, I have been looking for 6 months, wanting to get it right. Sounds like you will make a good decision too.

  3. Thanks Leah they have some nice leather lounges. Will have to make a trip to go and have a look.

  4. We just replaced our couches as well. It finally gave up the ghost at nearly 25 years old. We had it recovered about 10 years ago in a white fabric and although I loved it when small boys came along several years later it started to get very badly stained. We went with fabric again with washable covers and it is the most glorious red.
    Good luck with your decision, but have fun deciding.

  5. We have macrosuede in a taupe colour- still love the colour 7 years on but feel leather would definitely wear better with kids. We had it steam cleaned when we moved house and most stains came out but not all on the arms. I have seen friends with leather just do the whole thing over with spray and wipe type stuff and it looks perfect- all yoghurt, biscuit and wee stains gone!