Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunch box ideas

One cannot think well, sleep well, or live well,
if one has not dined well.
Virginia Woolf

I have realised that my love of lunchbox packing is not a shared love.
 For me it is a new love inspired partly by this blog which i could never fully replicate, I am not an exact enough personality!!

So I thought in case it might be useful to anyone I would write about how I organise myself to pack lunches for my kids - without going insane. Now I am no dietician, my kids eat white bread from bakers delight which is low GI, they have sugar and butter etc, I am far from a perfect in this regard, alright in most regards :)) 

First I start with a list of what my child likes 'best to eat', (and your husband if you are relegated to packing his, which I am now).
I save it on the computer so I can update it as the taste changes -

Step 1


Nibbles for cupboard
Popcorn for the air popper
Dried apricots
Bread sticks (easy to make)
Tinned fruit
Wraps - Mountain bread keeps for ages and has no preservatives, so a favourite with us.

Bananas - whatever is in season
Snow peas
Cherry tomatoes
mini cucumbers
*Plus I usually have tinned fruit and frozen berries for when I haven't shopped.

Fridge stuff
Cream cheese
Favourite dips, hummus or Tzatziki or salsa

Step 2 Baking, just a little - I buy mini muffin cases and bake a double batch which stocks the freezer. Then the next time I make fruit pikelets I do a triple batch and freeze them. Only took me about 40 minutes and I made 64 muffins, which packs a lot of lunches.

Step 3 - Plan and pack the night before.

So this changes but for example I might buy fresh bread which gives us 2 days of sandwiches (rolled or cut with shape cutters), then we have wraps or pita, or vita wheats, and then I buy fresh bread again before the weekend.

I looovvvveee the Nude food lunch boxes. Easy to fill a little section, fits an apple well etc.

So our main menu

Lunchbox 1
Ham, cheese sushi sandwiches - you just roll them crusts off
Cherry tomatos, carrot sticks, cucumber and dip
Banana muffin

(the picture is not an exact replica, just tomorrows lunch)

Lunch box 2
Vegemite vita wheats
yoghurt with muesli
bread sticks w/ cheese

Lunch box 3
Chicken and avocado pita pocket
fruit salad/ fruit kebabs
Cheese shapes with mini cutters
mini muffin

Lunch box 4
Chicken wrap, cream cheese and salad stuff they like
Salsa and carrot sticks
Boiled eggs - i take out the yolk as my kids don't eat it and it crumbles through the lunch box, yuck!!!
small container of tinned fruit - pineapple is a fav here!

Lunch box 5 - freezer/pantry lunch box when I haven't shopped
mini Quiche - bacon, leek, cherry tomato
mini muffin
Popcorn and dried fruit trail mix
crackers and cheese (we seem to always have cheese)

So I guees this gives you a rough idea. I am planning to start making drinks to include for my twins as their lunchbox goes in the fridge.

I figure this lunch will make my daughter smile when she opens her lunch box tomorrow,
and that makes me happy!


  1. Love all the ideas Bec, I'm sure I'll be back to check on them!!
    So far we've been doing a lot of cheese, kabana and crackers, grapes, sandwiches in shapes and yoghurt. I also added some trail mix - sultanas, coconut apricot bites, nutri grain - last week. This week I've bought apricots and some fruit bites to make them with... I don't think my kids would mind if they had the same thing every day... but I love making them something different too - so far I'm enjoying lunch making - but I prefer to do it in the morning - even if that makes for a bit of a crazy morning, considering I'm also expected to make hubby's too!
    I bought these gorgeous sandwich cutters last week - I was finding using my cookie cutters wasted so much! These are made for sandwiches and are so exciting. A 4-pack for $14. They are called 'Lunch Punch' and Lani has fairy ones, and Eli has transport ones... I might try them for cheese tomorrow!
    I will take some photos of our school lunches this week and put on FB. We should start a group for lunchbox ideas on FB!

  2. Oh how fab, where did you get the sandwich cutters?? They would be great!
    Ruby is a bit ufssy about variety, but she will eat anything so i don't mind mixing it up.
    Love to see your lunch boxes!! Maybe everyone could post some links too to help us all get more ideas.

  3. El's got that lunchbox for kindy and I love it! Luckily for me he's a routine kinda guy so relishes having the same thing for lunch everyday! Makes my job very easy! I was going to do a post about his lunch box so I definitely will now! xx