Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Booking a date

Atlas house removers called yesterday.
They want to book a date. They need to give 3 weeks ntoice for a permit so they plan to put in there paperwork.
The date is May 2nd. We are quietly hopeful that the house may actually arrive then.

But as you know we have to get plannong approval, which will be due around the 20th of April.

Still I need to ring around and start booking exciting things like a port-a-loo, the D7 (large bulldozer), a skip and the tree lopper.

So while we are 'wishing and prayin and hoping' we have been on the negative side a few too many times to actually believe at this point.

As an aside my littlest man (3yrs) is having surgery today and will be off for a little while, so I hope you all have a great weekend and catch you next week.


  1. Best wishes for a smooth op and fast recovery for your little man, Roboboy has been at the end of the anaesthetic mask 3 times more than any little one should be so I know that feeling.
    Also fingers crossed for your house making her grand entrance on time. We purchased Betsy on the first of May last year so it is a lucky time for us as well.

  2. I just had to comment on your blog - we are almost at the exact same stage of the house relocation process as you! And we've had the same difficulties with council ... but I won't start on that. Our house was just delivered on Friday last week after a long wait. Very exciting (and daunting)! I hope that council approve your move soon. Goodluck! Melissa
    PS Check out my blog - we even have the same good taste in blog templates ;)