Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Council Timeline

Well I made the dreaded call.
To Council Planning.
 I have a feeling they dread me calling as much as I dread doing it, (smirk).
It was a very short conversation.

Decision will be made on the 14th of April.
5 working days are given for the supervisor to review the decision.
Then we will receive written notification.

I asked if I could ring for a verbal confirmation and she said 'no'.

So we will wait and hope that this decision will finally be the one we are waiting for.

Which allows me to dream:

ZZzzzzzz...............I might get to see the inside of our house within a month or so, YIPPEE!

ZZzzzzzz............... when the house comes I can start the vegie patch, as there is no chance the truck with flatten it.

ZZzzzzzz...............we can start general landscaping, and maybe the kids cubby.

ZZzzzzz................. I can plan where the furniture will go, and order our dining table.

ZZzzzzz.................. our family can visit 'Yeronga' whenever we want, we can bring friends and share the next stage of our insane journey.

Yeronga house, we are ready for you now, can't wait to meet you and give the facelift, love and attention you have been waiting for, xxoo.


  1. Good luck, I have my fingers crossed for you! ;-)

  2. Just remember that the Council works for YOU, so feel free to be bossy and demand service! You'd never think that I'm fairly meek usually, lol, but I can generate attitude as needed :)

    I love all your dreams and can't wait for you to get started!