Tuesday, April 19, 2011

two exciting acquisitions

I have hinted at our joy in locating pre-loved items. Vintage thrifted being my obsession, with secondhand pieces at a higher value usually being lower on my loved list. But this piece is special!
It has history.
This piece has oodles of lovely foreign history.

A german kitchen hutch

 A spice rack perhaps?
 gorgeous glass jars we were told would have stored flour and sugar etc.

then these wooden kitchen tools.
Don't they make you smile!!!
I need to search and find out more about them, but regardless I love them.

The bone handles on the cupboard from the 1940's Germany have made me nervous since hubby told me the Nazis made furniture with jewish bones. Please someone tell me how unlikely this would be.........

Oh and my beloved new item that needs us to make memories with it

Here are the start of the memories....


  1. Oh they're both fabulous purchases. I love the hutch and as I always say about a Kitchenaid mixer - it's a gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Me....what fabulous finds!!
    I absolutely adore that hutch and have never seen all the hidden gems contained within :)

  3. Two great items for the kitchen. what a treasure that hutch is. Enjoy! ;-)

  4. Love that hutch, particularly the glass handled storage jugs and the tool rack. Some more history would be really interesting if you could get it.
    The kitchenaid- so delicious.

  5. Just popped by to have a peek. What a lovely blog and I look forward to witnessing your journey with your house. Sounds very interesting. I will grab a cuppa and look at your previous posts to catch up...

  6. The hutch is just stunning. I think I might be a little envious about that one. LOL Am now following your blog and looking forward to future entries.

  7. Love that hutch, would have that in a heartbeat.Enjoy.