Monday, April 18, 2011

Unforeseeable issues come to light....

Well yesterday we ould have cracked the champagne as our Planning Approval arrived in the mail! It was so great to see it officially. I felt like I was never going to win that battle so it is good to have it crossed off.

Then Building department called. I had been told time and again they were just waiting for planning approval and all was fine with Building approval. But apparently that is not the case.
We were supposed to give our carpenter/builders confirmation of insurance notice for our job. Unfortunately our builder hasn't even quoted on the job as the house is over 2.5 hours away and he hasn't seen it.
So now  I need to find a builder, get a quote on a house he can't see, and get him to agree to the job and pay the insurance before next week. I don't really like my chances.

However I have a small plan that perhaps the builders stumping the house can use there insurance to cover the minor building works and then we can just  get our approval and hire another builder when the house arrives. Hoping this one works because otherwise I don't think our house will arrive as we hoped.

Gotta love unforeseeable hurdles.


  1. One step forward, half a step back...

  2. Lol it is driving me crazy! But I think it is sorted enough for our approval to still coem and the house to arrive, then it may need more paperwork approval. Still waiting to breathe out.