Tuesday, April 26, 2011

growing cuttings and landscaping with edibles

This post really has sprung  from a very limited budget and little gardening skills, although they are increasing.

I decided I want to plant a lot of flowering shrubs for my happily flower obsessed daughter.
But with Camelia, lavender and Gardenia plants about $30 a pot we would have trouble filling much of the acreage with these, well we'd have trouble filling a meter squared with the current budget left over for landscaping.
So what to do?

Grow from seed?? Well I looked, lavender takes 26 weeks to sprout!!!
 Plus it seemed another lifetime to look mature. Similiarly the Gardenia and Camellia were ruled out.
So next plan?

Well we have some camellias that haven't done particularly well in the spot we planted them so I dug them out and potted them. They seem much happier in there pots. So I took some cuttings of them and potted those. They have now taken root. So we have 5 Camellia plants to take, and maybe as these mature I might get some more cuttings.

I have done the same with our lavender, but it is not doing so well. So am trying a different method of placing them in a small amount of water until the roots appear.

On the entry road to our block we also have an abundance of healthy Gardenias, some rosemary and yellow daisies. So I thought it was reasonable to take some cuttings of these, that's ok right?????

Now I have potted 5 Gardenia cuttings too. Not sure if they will take but we can definitely take more without affecting the plants.

What do you grow well from cuttings, or simply can't kill in your garden??

Sorry no pictures, camera is flat.


  1. That would be coleus and sweet potato vine you dont have to be a genius to master these.Enjoy your week!

  2. In every home we've started with a flower seed packet of wildflowers and one of cutting flowers. Something always comes up and usually continues to do well--it's a great start to a blank slate. And every gardener has plants that they'd be happy to share so ask around!

  3. I personally love Agapanthus and they grow so well here in Brisbane. Also as they form large clumps I think about every 12 months you divide them and spread them around.
    Frangipanis also grow well (but slowly) and you if you know anyone who is pruning one, if they pop a branch in a pot it will take as well.
    I have found Camellias to be really hardy and gorgeous around April/May and you sound like you are doing well with your cuttings. Also I love the look of nasturtiums wandering along the ground and I think they will grow like weeds as well. I think you need to befriend someone in your area who is retired with an established garden and she if they are willing to give you offcuts. There is also a fantastic nursery that will deliver all sorts of fruit trees to you. I can't remember the name but was planning to dig it out and do a post on it soon. Good luck with it all, Mel.

  4. Is it Daley's fruit trees??
    Thanks I decided to post to Freecycle and now have 3 gardens I can raid today!! We have jumped on the agapanthus, out friend is taking our there large garden bed of them to put in fruit trees. So now we get a very large crop of them. I love taking plants that aren't wanted it seems so much better, on the hip pocket too!