Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a bit like Christmas..

Only Two sleeps. We have had reasonable weather and all our approvals are filed and waiting.

We started this in December, and now I realise we should have engaged a private certifier. A must for dealing with Council and getting things done quickly. Just in case anyone reading this is going to embark on the crazy journey!

But you live and learn.

5 months working our way through Council and our house is finally coming to its new home. I just can not wait to walk through. To work out if everything I have planned will work or whether I need to make more decisions about bathrooms or kitchens. Realistically to hope it will be what I imagine when it is finished.
Just to visit this place whenever we want, and many times when tradies want.

Even though it will take anywhere from 12 - 24 weeks to complete, we can go and sit on the verandah in the Autumn sun and dream about established gardens, with flocks of children running around, just the way we like it!!

Let the renovations begin, and not too many unknown big expenses arise.

To do List today

* order 25000lt water tank and decide on it's location
* clean large esky and fill with water bottles for workers on the house
* pick up temporary fencing for construction period
* keep looking at the sky and hoping the fine weather holds.......................

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  1. Exciting times await you!! Hoping that the weather holds out for you and that it all goes smoothly :)